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Abolición de la propiedad José Agustín

Abolición de la propiedad

José Agustín

Published October 2012
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

José Agustín Ramírez Gómez is a Mexican novelist.Agustins first novel, La Tumba (The Tomb) was the brief but provocative story of a Mexican upperclass teen, deemed indecent by the public but gathering praise from older writers. This and his most famous work, De Perfil (Profile view), a fast and detailed view of three days in the main characters life, show stylistic similarities to James Joyces work, especially A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.He was considered a member of the so-called Onda literature, onda (wave) being slang for current and fashionable views in the eyes of young people.A common technique in his work is mixing characters speech with narrative, without making any kind of distinction,(free indirect discourse). Thus the reader finds a long dialogue written in a single sentence,and is expected to realize which character is speaking as he reads the words. He also makes use of the stream of consciousness technique.