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Seasons: One Womans Journey Dorine Rivers

Seasons: One Womans Journey

Dorine Rivers

Published July 11th 2003
ISBN : 9780972832298
50 pages
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 About the Book 

The end of the summer is hot and her bangs are cut and her eyes are bright with intrigue and excitement. As an illustrated novelette, Seasons is a tender story of one womans journey through the seasons of life. It combines unique, thought-provoking illustrations, portraying various life events that have happened to you, someone you know, or someone you will know.Sometimes life prepares us for what is ahead, and sometimes it doesnt. Even when we may see it coming, we are often shocked or amazed at where we are and who weve become.At each new junction of our lives, with each new season, we often wonder, How did I get here?The images in this book are made from Polaroid transfers. Each image begins as a 35mm slide that is transferred to Polaroid film. The negative of each photo is rolled onto watercolor paper and developed and processed. After it is dry, the image is hand-colored with pastels, watercolors, and/or watercolor pencils. It is then digitally scanned into the computer for fine tuning.This technique offers an ethereal quality to each image and a dream-like world in which to immerse yourself.