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Catching Digital Richard A. Keeves

Catching Digital

Richard A. Keeves

Published September 1st 2012
ISBN : 9780980822632
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 About the Book 

Catching Digital: How to see your future in the digital blur, create smarter strategies for your business, and plan your Digital RoadMap for success. Catching Digital is a practical guidebook for business owners and managers to find smarter pathways for doing better business in the Digital world. Learn to ask better questions and find better answers as you plan your Digital RoadMap using smarter strategies that make sense for your business. * Learn the 10 Action Principles of the Digital Age. * Use the 25 long-term big picture Digital Age Trends to predict your own future. * Learn how to create your Digital RoadMap clearly on two pages to easily share with others. * Use the 10 Step Digital RoadMap planning process to ask better questions and find better answers. * Learn how to discover what makes your business unique locally or globally. * Discover how to defend your business against new and often unseen competitors. * Learn over 200 smarter digital strategy suggestions, tactics and tools to consider. * Understand why smart people sometimes make dumb technology choices and learn how you can make smarter choices. * Learn how to grow and protect your business successfully and enjoy your digital journey. The author, Richard Keeves is a successful business owner, author, speaker, trainer and digital business guide for CEOs and senior management teams. An online business specialist and Internet industry leader for nearly 20 years, Richard was the founder of one of Australias earliest web consulting, web development and online marketing companies. Now you can use Richards independent unbiased guidance and profound business insights to gain the clarity you need to prosper in the Digital world. You cant ignore the Digital Age. Why fight it? Start Catching Digital and make the Digital Age work for you! Heres what others are saying about Catching Digital: If you didnt have a strategy for moving your business online before, you now have no excuse. A great read. Wayne Spencer, Retail Traders Association Richard Keeves has a deep understanding of the digital tsunami shaping the way we all live, work and play. Compelling reading. David Shelton, Director, Transition Capital Essential reading. Read it. Then read it again. Use it. Colin Atkinson, CEO, CA Management Services An essential tool for business. Jim Wyatt, General Manager, Digital Economy Branch, Western Australian Government Richard Keeves writes clearly, cleanly, & without technobabble. Good stuff. Annimac, Futurist & Trend Forecaster