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Return to Concorde Valley Rhonda L Davis

Return to Concorde Valley

Rhonda L Davis

Published July 1st 2008
ISBN : 9781934925768
316 pages
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 About the Book 

Anthos, son of Diantha and Atrius, now called Phoebus, from BODY OF A HORSE, HEART OF A MAN becomes the childhood friend and protector of a young girl named Echo. Years later, Echo is a reporter for the Taylorville Sun on the trail of a serial killer when she finds herself likely to be the next victim. Echo falls once again under the protection of Anthos and is introduced to his parents, the minor gods Diantha and Phoebus and Anthos brothers and sisters, each blessed with special powers. Resolution of Echos mortal problem gives way to a struggle among the gods of Olympus as Hades stages a takeover. With Diantha and Phoebus held captive, Anthos must lead family and friends to restore peace among the gods. Rhonda Davis mixes reality with mythology and brings the surreal down-to-earth in this brilliant and entertaining story that will entertain lovers of all ages. -- Brian Scott Cook, Director of Information Services, Freedman Meats -SYSCO An intriguing story full of imagination, spirit and possibilities.a story full of bravery, dedication and honor. A story that holds your interest, intrigues the reader and excites the imagination. -- Jane Vaughn