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Impassioned Stranger Shannah Biondine

Impassioned Stranger

Shannah Biondine

Published August 2002
ISBN : 9781586086176
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Travis Conley looks a lot like his bounty-hunting brother. But Travis has no interest in tracking outlaws or seeking danger and excitement. Hes got roots in Pueblo--running his own cattle spread, going to church every Sunday, courting a steady gal. His future is mapped out and life at Crockhead Rest is nice and orderly. Predictable, and Travis likes it that way.But his well-ordered existence veers sharply off course when a stranger arrives at his front gate. He knows the moment he catches his first glimpse of the exotice female beside a mountain of luggage and a yowling crate hes in big trouble. Hed advertised for a cook and housekeeper...but hed been planning to hire a sedate, older matron. Not this curvaceous young thing, with dark eyes, a foreign accent and smile that has his cowboys entranced.Lucia Montessano hasnt come looking for trouble. It just seems to find her, maybe because she doesnt understand English well, let alone the peculiar customs and sayings on the frontier. When she learns shes come to the wrong ranch in reply to an ad for a mail-order bride, she doesnt collapse in defeat. She starts rethinking her options.The young cattle boss needs a new cook. She needs a husband. Hes not very friendly and hes spoken for...but Travis Conley might still be the ideal candidate. He just doesnt realize it yet.This book has a lot of humor and Old West flavor, along with more serious themes about social and religious prejudice and the struggles of immigrants to find their place in the fabric of America. Picture a young Sophia Loren or Gina Lollobrigida and youd have the heroine. Picture any handsome young cowboy trying to build a future and you have the hero.